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Our mosaic rugs range of natural stone and glass really make a statement. Whether you are looking for something different to take the place of a tatty rug or a business which wants to welcome their visitors in style a mosaic rug is something that will last for years and never fade or discolor. An investment for the future, we have some innovative mosaic designs covering a wide range of tastes.

Many of the well-known christian portraits, figures, and symbols are included, fully handmade, mosaics includes icons, christ, mary and many other saints. All designs can be customized as for in dimensions, colors or pattern, all of the below are fully handmade marble mosaic tiles.

Relax and unwind with our collection of natural mosaic scenes and landscapes. When the weather outside is dark and wet, a mosaic art piece adoring your wall will always bring a ray of sunshine into your home or workplace. Take a journey through our natural stone and glass mosaic series and remember that we can easily create a custom mosaic from one of your own personal designs.

Capturing the elements of nature in the natural habitat forms the basis of our wild animal mosaic tiles. The attention to detail in our Tiger mosaic for example is simply breathtaking. Or for a more sedate and seductive mosaic, the Panda and Baby mosaic is something you can treasure for many years to come. Remember, if you have a special pet or animal you wish to immortalize in mosaic we can capture the same detail as your original photo. Check out some of our custom mosaics for examples of our previous works completed for customers.

Floral arrangements often lend themselves well to mosaic designs. Our floral range of mosaics can be applied to many areas of the home and garden from the kitchen areas including backsplashes and cooker areas, to a brilliant way to brighten the garden using a bouquet of vibrant mosaic tiles. Browse our huge range of flower inspired mosaics created with passion for detail using only the best glass tile and stone mosaics available.

Welcome to our huge range of colored mosaic tiles. All our natural stone mosaic sheets come pre prepared upon a micro mesh backing. This allows for easy transportation as well as effortless installation. Simply unroll and adhere to the required surface, simple. These mosaic sheets can also be cut to size and used to create your own accents or for any craft job you have in mind.

Mosaic patterns are one of the most important elements of mosaic designs. A vibrant and intriguing pattern can transform a blank mosaic canvas into a stunning work of art. We have amassed a massive selection of mosaic patterns to help inspire your creativeness. Browse our collection created using century old techniques from natural resources and designed by some of the worlds finest mosaic artists.

Mosaic backsplash are useful addition to any kitchen for a number of reasons. Mosaic tile backsplash provide protection from food and water damage to the rear of your taps and sinks whilst also giving you a surface to keep clean. Kitchen Backsplash Mosaic Tiles are the perfect choice to need these needs always maintaining their vibrant colours and are extremely easy to maintain for many years of great use. You can also see our collection of glass mosaics and natural stone mosaics for kitchen backsplash. Browse our huge range of mosaic backsplash and make kitchen of your dreams!

Our Mosaic Medallions category is one of our most popular mosaic products. The medallion is a very versatile and adaptable mosaic which can either form the basis of your custom designed mosaic or simply compliment it through adding as an accent within the art piece. We have a wide selection of natural stone, glass and ceramic medallions so do view the entire range. If you would prefer us to incorporate your won personalized designs then do get in touch with us and we will make it happen!

Mosaic Figures is a category includes real, imagined, famous, and portraits of human beings, fairies, fantasies, and other, all of them are fully handmade carefully by our craftsmanship from natural colors marble stones. All designs can be customized as for in dimensions, colors or pattern, all of the below are fully handmade marble mosaic tiles.

Decorative and architectural mosaic borders bring a design to life. Using natural stone & glass mosaics provide a unique and eye catching element through the use of decorative relief tiles. Our vast collection includes the travertine mosaic border, marble mosaic border, micro mosaic borders, bowtie border, square border, medallion border and wave border all created using natural stone mosaics. Also used for the swimming pool and the traditional kitchen backsplash, a mosaic border is the 'definition' of your designs.

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