Shipping Policy

We ship our mosaics worldwide and we do offer free shipping in the US & Canada.

If you're placing an order to be shipped to countries other than the US or Canada, the shipping cost will vary as per the weight.

You will see the shipping cost added to your order total when you enter the shipping address before you get to pay for the order during checkout.

From the time you place an order, on average, it takes approximately 10 to 15 business days for an order to reach your doorstep. our estimate of this lead-time might change depending on the kind and the size of the order, especially if you placed a custom order.

To maintain a healthy and complete mosaic a lifetime, we do provide extra marble pieces (tesserae) of all the making colors with each shipment; these extras can be used to replace any pieces that might fall at any point in the future or due to mishandling the mosaic.