How to Install a Mosaic?

You will receive This mosaic tile as a single piece glued to a fiber mesh backing, ensuring that each of the hand-cut marble mosaic tiles remains firmly in place during shipment.

Installing a mosaic is carried out the similar way standard ceramic tiles are installed. Although there is no need for a professional to install your mosaic, we would still recommend this for the larger mosaics.

To install a mosaic in the floor, any tile grout can be used. To install a mosaic on the wall or in the ceiling, you can glue it to a wooden panel and fix the wooden panel to the wall.

Is it OK to Install Mosaics Outdoors?

Yes! our mosaics are made from natural colored marble so they are resistant to any weather condition, ice, the sun etc... They can be installed in swimming pools or high traffic areas in the floors.

How to Seal a Mosaic?

Sealing your mosaic is strongly suggested as it will create a barrier between the stone and dirt & stains, and make the colors more vibrant.

Even if you apply a sealer, it won't make the mosaic bullet proof or totally resistant to stains... any staining agent that comes into contact with your mosaic should be removed immediately.

To apply a sealer, use a sponge brush, paint brush, or a roller to spread it evenly over the surface of the mosaic. Resealing the surface of your mosaic annually is a safe time frame.