Browse our collection of Christianity-themed mosaics

Decorate your home with elegant Christian mosaics. We have a wide selection of handcrafted Christianity-themed mosaics. Our collection features a variety of religious symbols, murals, and scenes. Every mosaic is handcrafted by one of our talented artisans before it is shipped directly to you. Our artisans will also create customized mosaics based on your unique design needs. We have a variety of Christian mosaics that vary in size, style, and subject. Browse our collection to see early Christian mosaic reproductions, 6th-century art, portraits of figures like St. John the Baptist or Mary, and other art inspired by the Christian church. Our mosaics vary in color scheme, from rustic and earthy, to soft and delightful. So you can find a piece that fits your design aesthetic. These mosaics will elevate any room. Showcase the lamb of God in your living room or other gathering space. Or display a beautiful portrait of Jesus of Nazareth. With our collection, you can customize your space as you see fit. And with our high-quality tiles, you will have a stunning Christian mosaic for years to come. Browse our collection of handcrafted Christian mosaics and plan your next home or business decorating project.