Overflowing Multicolored Bouquet in Vase Mosaic Wall Art

Overflowing Bouquet Mosaic
  • 27.56" x 39.37" (70 x 100 cm)
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FL003 Colors

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  • Overflowing Bouquet Mosaic Installed


Bring a delicate motif with a plethora of gorgeous colors into your unique interior design. This handcrafted mosaic depicts an overflowing vase filled with a variety of multicolored mixed flowers. Purples, blues, and pinks complement vibrant shades of green and white. Showcase this elegant work of art within your living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, foyer, or office. You can further decorate with real or faux flowers or allow this piece to be the star of the room.


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  • 10 to 15 business days order-to-delivery lead time.
  • FL003 is shipped directly from our mosaic factory.
  • The mosaic is rolled like a rug and packed as a signle piece for easier handling.
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  • Unroll your mosaic piece and remove the plastic covering.
  • Place mosaic on its front and remove nylon backing.
  • Scrub excess nylon and plastic from the back of the mosaic.
  • Flip the mosaic and clean the front. Check for missing tiles.
  • If necessary, cut appropriately sized replacement tiles.
  • Using a notched trowel, prep your surface with tile adhesive.
  • Install the mosaic directly as you would install any other tile.
  • Finish with grout if needed and seal for a finished appearance.
  • Read our full-length mosaic installation guide


Are you looking for specific dimensions or colors? Customize FL003

We can customize this mosaic and any of our mosaics. We also offer completely customized mosaics based on your own unique photographs and designs. Our customized mosaics are one-of-a-kind works of art that can be ordered for you, your business, or your loved ones. Customize and build your own mosaic