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Mosaic Landscapes
LS038 Marble Mosaic Lanscape Decorative Stone Tile
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$ 2260.00

Mosaic Dimensions:

Standard: 210 × 120 cm. (or) 84 × 48 Inch.

Mosaic Weight:

50 k.g. (or) 110 lbs.

Mosaic Description:

Fully handmade marble mosaic tile made up of naturally colored marble pieces.

Mosaic Installation:

You will receive This mosaic tile as a single piece on mesh background, could be installed directly to a wall or floor the same way you install ceramics.

Mosaic Usage:

- Pool
- Shower
- Tabletop
- Flooring Tile

Mosaic Customization:

If you like this item but you think it needs some customizations, please contact us and we will make that happen.

Our Policies:

We usually ship in
7-14 business days
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