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Instantly elevate your interior design scheme with an elegant mosaic portrait. We have a large collection of portraits featuring a variety of subjects. Every mosaic is handcrafted by one of our talented artisans before it is shipped directly to you. Our artisans will also create a customized mosaic based on your unique design needs. We can even create a photo mosaic reproduction starring you, your loved ones, or a distinguished figure you admire. Our portraits feature many famous figures and as well as nameless subjects full of personality. You can honor American heroes like Harriet Tubman, embrace mythology with Demeter or Venus, or swim with a mermaid. You’ll find a cast of exciting characters as you browse our collection. This variety of mosaic portraits is versatile in use. These water, scratch, and stain-resistant mosaics can be featured in your living spaces as a centerpiece, but your options don’t end there! Showcase a marine-inspired piece in your bathroom or pool for a delightful ambiance. With our collection, you can customize your space as you see fit. And with our high-quality tiles, you will have a stunning mosaic for years to come. Browse our collection of handcrafted mosaic portraits and plan your next home or business decorating project.