Flower Bouquet Backsplash Mosaic Wall Art

Looking for different dimesions, colors, design, or pattern?


Get inspired by FL126!


Flower bouquet design backsplash mosaic. Handcrafted from naturally colored marble tesserae, sanded, finished, and sealed. It can be installed as wall art, mural, kitchen art or backsplash, shower or bathroom art, or a tabletop.


- Free shipping in the US & Canada, we also ship worldwide.
- Fast 10 business days delivery to your doorstep.
- FL126 is shipped directly from our mosaic factory.
- The packaging is rolled like a rug for easier handling.


- You will receive this mosaic as a rolled single piece.
- Unpack the mosaic and remove the nylon supporting the mesh backing.
- Install directly to a surface the same way you install ceramics.


Our mosaic artisans are skilled at transforming mosaics and can skillfully transform your dream into an unparallel work of art.
Whether you seek to personalize FL126 or draw inspiration from a picture or nature, our team of designers are here to create the handmade, custom mosaic of your dreams.