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FAQ's - Mosaic Natural

Are your mosaic handcrafted ?
Our mosaics are hand cut mosaic tile and each tile is 3/8 inch deep and approximately 1/3 wide . Each mosaic is designed and produced  by a team of 4 to 10 artists . Our company employs over 240 full time artists .

Can we change the colors ?

All colors can be changed upon request , a one time 100 USD will be charged for all color changes .

Can We change the size ?

All sizes can be modified to fit your exact locations however some designs can't be made smaller for design constraint but all mosaics can be made in a larger size .

What is the normal lead-time on a mosaic ?

Your order needs 8 to 21 Business day to reach your Home. Most mosaics are produced on request however most on sales items are in stock .

How do I install the mosaic ?

Installation: The Mosaic is supplied directly from the factory, glued to a fiber mesh backing, ensuring that each of the hand-cut marble mosaic tiles remains firmly in place during shipment. 

Installation of the Mosaic is carried out in a similar manner as installing standard ceramic tiles. Although there is not the need for the Mosaics to be installed by a professional we would recommend this for larger Mosaics.

To install it on the wall or on the ceiling , you can glue it to a wood panel and fix the wood panel to the wall.

Can we order a custom design?
absolutely we do, Please contact us !

What happens if a mosaic is broken during shipment ?
We offer extra replacement stones with each shipment , however if the damage is irreparable , we require immediate picture to claim the insurance from DHL.

Do you deliver worldwide ?
International Shipping is Made using DHL worldwide Delivery. We cover all the countries.
Your order needs 8 to 24  Business day to reach your Home.

For Large orders we offer sea shipping , contact us for a quote.

Can we install the mosaics in swimming pools , bathroom  or outdoor ?
Our mosaics are made from natural colored marble so they are resistant to any weather condition , ice , sun etc... They can be installed in swimming pools or high traffic areas.

Do you use natural stone ?
We use all kind of marble , granite and other natural stone however we can use synthetic stones on request.

What happens if some stone fall during installation?
We send with each mosaic a box of replacement stones .

What kind of grout should I use ?

Any tile grout can be used , it can be sanded or non sanded grout .

Do you offer any guarantee on the mosaic ?
We offer a life time warranty on all our natural stone mosaics .

What are the accepted payment methods ?
We accept bank transfers , credit card payments , western union , PayPal ... etc, please contact us for more options.

What are suggested products to seal my mosaic?
Sealing your mosaic is strongly suggested as it will create a barrier between the stone and dirt and stains. We suggest that you enhance it too, to make the colors more vibrant. Even if a sealer is used, this is not going to make the mosaic bullet proof and totally resistant to stains. Any staining agent that comes into contact with your mosaic should be removed immediately. We recommend the Miracle Sealant Company products because they are widely considered the best available.
Sealant is easy to apply. Use a sponge brush, paint brush, or roller to spread it evenly over the surface of the stone. Traffic and use will affect the need to reseal a surface but resealing annually is a safe time frame.
Gnosis Tesserae recommends the following sealers:
511 Seal & Enhance seals your mosaics and brings the natural stone colors up, making it more vibrant.
Miraclean is a concentrated cleaner developed specifically for marble, terrazzo, granite, tile and masonry surfaces.
If required, Gnosis Tesserae can offer you to seal your mosaic when you order it,for an additional cost.

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