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Mosaic Natural - Mosaic Production

All our mosaics are made from natural marbles thus the colors won’t alter over time and our mosaics can be applied for internal as well as external use such as swimming pools.

They are fully handmade in the same method used by early Romans 2000 Years back and are laid down on a mesh backing for easy and immediate installation.

I. We start by printing a real size image of the piece we want to make. Then, we calculate the mosaic’s area to know how many marble tiles it needs.

II. An inspirational array of color combination is chosen delicately for that piece.

III. We place a nylon sheet over the whole area of the printout.

IV. A mesh is placed over the nylon sheet and the print out.

V. Because we place high value on accuracy and details, all three layers are stapled to ensure that the sheets are fixed together tightly.

VI. The entire border of the design is marked steadily for precision when applying the marble pieces on the picture.

VII. The experienced artist skillfully hand-cuts the marble mosaics with great care and expertise.

VIII. After applying special glue over the mesh, the marble pieces are slowly situated on the drawing.

IX. Taking into consideration the sensitivity of the intricate designs, the talented hands of the artist carefully work on the piece increasingly placing each individual stone next to the other.

X. Our designers work on the main lines first, then, they pave their way proficiently to complete the whole mosaic.

XI. We make sure that the mosaic surface is continuously and softly cleaned with a supple piece of cloth to prevent any excess accumulation of any glue.

XII. Finally, we let the mosaic piece rest for approximately 6 hours before moving it to ensure that the glue has dried and everything else is just as perfect as it should be!

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